Just have to write and tell you how pleased we are with the large A frame tent we bought from you 2 seasons ago. After agonizing over sizes and prices, we decided to go for the large A frame with sod cloth and boy, was that a great decision. The sod cloth keeps out the mosquitoes and the west Nile virus along with them, and the keeps the tent and all our gear clean and dry.
Our daughter is off at the U.S. Naval Academy now, so Susan and I get this great space all to ourselves. It houses all our gear, plus a cot for poor old Susie's arthritis, and my trusty Sharps Carbine stays nice and dry. not rusted from laying on the grasslike the rest of the troopers.
A great ten, I heartily recommend it to everyone agonizing over their first tent purchase.
Definitely worth the extra cost. and here's a final thought:

"When was the last time you regretted buying the best you could afford...?"

Best Wishes
Jim & Susan Peden
1st Virginia Cavalry


By all means. you have my permission to publish my email on your web site. Newcomers to civil war reenacting are faced with a dizzying array of gear from many sources, much of dubious quality and questionable authenticity. Your web site provides "one stop shopping" for quality equipment at reasonable prices and serves as a valuable service to newcomers to our hobby.