Chemises are designed to be worn off the shoulder as not to interfere with dresses that are also cut in this fashion. We can't very well have your chemise showing now can we? The proper length of a chemise is to the knees.

Although there are many variations of the chemise, some being quite extravagant in design. It was often the fashion to adorn ones chemise with embroidery. But here we offer a very simple chemise that is sure to bring a smile to the more thrifty among us.

One note of interest; if you wear a corset it is to be worn over your chemise, not next to the body. The reason being it is much easier to wash a chemise than a corset.

Our Chemises are made from 100% bleached cotton.


Small Chemise Item # LA112-S $32.95 BUY NOW!        Medium Chemise Item # LA112-M $34.95 BUY NOW!

Large Chemise Item # LA112-L $36.95 BUY NOW!        X-Large Chemise Item # LA112-XL $39.95 BUY NOW!

XX-Large Chemise Item # LA113-XXL $39.95 BUY NOW!


  Pantaloons are a very important garment in a ladies wardrobe and their functions are many. Modesty being foremost, If you have ever, and most of you have, seen a new comer at the ball who chose not to purchase or make a pair. Having the time of her life while she flashes everyone in the crowd as her partner spins her hither and tither. Unless you want to be the talk of the camp going pantaloon-less is really not an option now is it.
  Second being warmth, It can be a little air-ish in the spring and fall under a hoop! Also they afford you some little protection from those hateful little creatures who, at event sites like to crawl everywhere there not supposed to. No, not the children in camp next to you (although they can be just as troublesome) I'm talking about insects. Your pantaloons will offer you some protection even from those hateful mosquitoes.

  Our Pantaloons come in 2 styles, Crotchless which are listed below, or with the crotch sewn, listed above. If you are new to the hobby and are not aware of the reasoning behind the crotchless pantaloons it is simply for your ease and comfort when nature calls. Those little blue portalets at the events are sometimes very hard to navigate with hoop and crinoline, so even small blessings (such as one less garment to deal with) are still blessings.
  All of our Pantaloons are made from 100% bleached cotton. They are completely machine sewn with ruffles around the bottom of the legs as seen in the photos. The style listed above has an elastic waist band sewn in, therefor they are listed in the sizes, small medium, large and extra large.


SMALL, Item # D107-S $29.95 BUY NOW!

MEDIUM, Item # D107-M $29.95 BUY NOW!

LARGE, Item # D107-L $34.95 BUY NOW!

X-LARGE, Item # D107-XL $34.95 BUY NOW!

XX-LARGE Item # D107-XXL $39.95 BUY NOW!


Our Pantaloons that we have listed here are of a very similar design to the Pantaloons listed above. The exception being that they are fitted with a waist band and closed by means of a ribbon in the back. So you may get that "just right fit" by simply tying a larger or smaller bow. The seat is split (crotchless) from the slightly forward of center all the way up the back for your comfort and ease when nature calls. We have allowed plenty of rooms in the hips so they will not bind when you are seated for long periods of time. There is nothing more annoying than uncomfortable undergarments! They have one row of ruffles around the bottom of the leg.

You must choose your size below, which is listed in the contemporary manner.

Choose your size from the choices below.

Size 6 Item #D107A $34.95 BUY NOW     Size 8 Item #D107A $34.95 BUY NOW

Size 10 Item #D107A $34.95 BUY NOW     Size 12 Item #D107A $39.95 BUY NOW

Size 14 Item #D107A $39.95 BUY NOW     Size 16 Item #D107A $39.95 BUY NOW

Size 18 Item #D107A $49.95 BUY NOW     Size 20 Item #D107A $49.95 BUY NOW

Size 22 Item #D107A $59.95 BUY NOW Size 24 Item #D107A $59.95 BUY NOW

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