Pictured above are period litho.s of three different styles of Hoop Skirts or as the overall style was referred to "crinolines".
From left to right, the first is from Petterson's Magazine, November of 1861.
How about that Bustle? Many would have us believe the bustle was a product of the 1870's, Oh contraire! Facts are stubborn things don't you think?
The center crinoline is also from Petterson's Magazine in July 1860.
The far right is from Petterson's Magazine, December 1858.

I have by no means listed all the styles of hoops here that I have found over the years as space will not permit it but, we have heard many conversations about this hoop or that hoop is or is not correct. I just thought you would like to see a few of the originals for yourself. You will be better armed the next time you are forced into verbal combat over this subject.

Not everyone approved of the hoop skirt, click the link for an example.

Below you will find our preferred Hoops. It is not the "best" hoop available but we feel that it is the best Hoop commercially available today. We have strived to provide you with the best quality Hoop for the money and I feel that we have done so. An equal balance between cost and quality. Made of 100% cotton and each individual hoop is adjustable, should you desire to "custom fit" yours. A very durable and long lasting garment, most, will receive a minimum of 2 years wear but I know several who have been using this exact hoop for as long as 6 years!
Hand made hoops are available in today’s market the cost is prohibitive for most.
I would be willing to wager that over 90% of the ladies "sporting hoops" at any event that you attend, will be wearing either this exact hoop or a very similar style hoop.
We have found that in our experience, one of the four styles listed below will be appropriate for almost all of circumstances you will encounter.

110" circumference at bottom
Length 41 inches.
    #LA124    $59.95 BUY NOW!

110" circumference at bottom.
Length 45 inches.
    #LA125     $69.95 BUY NOW!

138" circumference at bottom.
Length 41 inches.
    #LA126     $69.95 BUY NOW!

136" circumference at bottom.
Length 41 inches.
    #LA127    $79.95 BUY NOW!


Our corded Petticoats are made here in our shop, one at a time, they are made from 100 cotton muslin. Sewn into the petticoat are 8, cotton cords, 1/4 inch in diameter. The cords are what gives the petticoat its body.
It is not designed to give the skirt a great deal of flare. It is simply designed to conceal the silhouette of the wearer. Modesty being the foremost thought of any proper lady.

Yet it is still small enough in circumference to allow you to get very close to your work without getting "into" your work. A dress snagged in the gears of a bobbin winder would leave its victim, at best, just as she came into the world, NAKED! At worst, horribly maimed.
But there is no threat greater than fire and hopefully the smaller size of this hoop will prevent such a tragic occurrence from happening.

This link will take you back to page 3 of our catalog. The first photo, top right, of that page shows a dress being worn with a Corded Petticoat. That should give you a better idea of exactly what you can expect, in regard to the "flare" of a dress that is being worn with a Corded Petticoat.

Here is a list of the size in inches.

A size 6 is fits a 26 inch waist.
A size 8 is fits a 27 inch waist.
A size 10 is fits a 28 inch waist.
A size 12 is fits a 30 inch waist.
A size 14 is fits a 32 inch waist.
A size 16 is fits a 34 inch waist.
A size 18 is fits a 36 inch waist.
A size 20 is fits a 38 inch waist.
A size 22 is fits a 40 inch waist.

Choose your size below.

Size 6 Item #LA136 $69.95 Buy Now     Size 12 Item #LA136 $79.95 Buy Now     Size 18 Item #LA136 $89.95 Buy Now    

Size 8 Item #LA136 $69.95 Buy Now     Size 14 Item #LA136 $79.95 Buy Now     Size 20 Item #LA136 $89.95 Buy Now    

Size 10 Item #LA136 $69.95 Buy Now     Size 16 Item #LA136 $79.95 Buy Now     Size 22 Item #LA136 $89.95 Buy Now    

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