In March I bought a pair of brogans from your shop, and I must admit that it's one of the best buys I've ever made.
It was the cheapest kind you offered on your homepage, and I greased them about 4 times and then I went on a march for training to the German reenactment of the battle of Five Forks.
The march was 19 miles in full gear including muskets and we did it in 6 hours and amazing.... I didn't experience one single blister, not even a mark on my feet after all those miles!

So I have to compliment you on you quality of brogans.
Thank you from a satisfied customer. Normally people write only to complain but I feel that I have to tell you how happy I am using your product.

Kind Confederate Regards

Palle Thomsen

Thanks Palle;

Here's another letter in regard to our ruff side out brogans.

Dear Blockade Runner;

I have to tell you that everyone in my family fell in love with your brogans.
I was the only one in my unit that did not complain about my feet hurting and I didn't have a single blister after the Hunley Procession March that was 4.5 miles long on uneven pavement.
I know at least 5 people who are going to switch to your brogans!
They could not believe how soft the uppers were and that they came with heel plates installed. They also liked the fact that the heel plates are installed flush.
Thanks for taking care of my feet at the Hunley Funeral.

Sincere Regards
Bob Brown
C.S. Navy

Were always happy to hear from our customers!